Health center helps with dental care for those with disabilities


For the Recorder

New Dimensions in Health Care (NDHC) has been providing dental care and access to medical specialty services to people with disabilities and others in need since 1996.

Though the NDHC has been providing services for 17 years in July, many area residents are unaware that the health center is a program of Liberty ARC.

When the health center opened at 40 Wall Street, the primary intent was to offer high quality dental and medical services to people with disabilities served by Liberty and other similar area organizations.

Over the years more and more local families in need have sought dental, primary medical and other services through NDHC. There was a significant growth in services to this population in 2004 when the health center added two dental operatories, and then again when NDHC began accepting managed Medicaid coverage in 2007.

At present, the majority of the 5,700 people served by NDHC, are children and adults from the community.

These individuals are primarily from Montgomery and Fulton counties.

Though we are fortunate to have many quality health care providers in our area, at times, finding the right dental and medical provider to meet the specific needs of a family or individual can be a challenge.

An example is the Hinderliter family. Like any parent, finding affordable and quality dental care for her two adopted sons, Matthew and Ryan, is very important to Rosemary Hinderliter.

Because both of her sons have a developmental disability, it was especially challenging to find a dentist who understands their specific needs.

Unhindered by road blocks she encountered in her search, Rosemarie ultimately found NDHC the answer to her sons' special needs.

In a local television interview aired in conjunction with National Dental Health Month, Rosemary Hinderliter explained, "Because I'm a single mom and have two children with developmental disabilities, it is really vital to me to have affordable dental care. Sometimes it comes down to this or putting food on the table."

Since 2004, Matthew and Ryan have been making periodic visits to the health center.

During each visit staff provide treatment and spend quality time with each boy as well as connecting with their mom, keeping her apprised of each child's dental care.

Unfortunately, Rosemarie's situation is not unique to her.

There are families who also struggle with the issue of finding dental or health care providers who are taking new patients and/or accept Medicaid reimbursement for services.

Recognizing the need in our community, recently NDHC expanded the scope of the services offered at the health center by adding a full-time physician, Dr. Jun Lei.

Dr. Lei comes to NDHC from the New York City area, where he spent four years practicing as a primary care physician.

Dr. Lei states, "I am eagerly looking forward to providing excellent quality health care while serving the Amsterdam community."

For more information about the services provided by New Dimensions in Health Care, call 843-2575.

SHARON HOLBROOK-RYAN is the public relations assistant for Liberty Enterprises.